Rave Panic Button is now FirstNet Listed and accessible via the FirstNet app catalog. The Rave Panic Button mobile app, provided by Rave Mobile Safety, communicates emergencies to 911, on-site personnel and first responders for faster, more effective emergency response. Through the app, public safety officials receive critical emergency data for situational awareness, allowing them to arrive on scene armed with the information needed to respond more efficiently.

Across the United States, Rave’s solutions protect nearly 10,000 schools and government agencies for both everyday medical incidents and larger safety emergencies.

The solution has also been utilized throughout the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, schools and libraries in Suffolk County, NY used the Rave Panic Button to rapidly disseminate critical updates related to COVID-19 to staff members, while providing a direct connection to 911 and first responders. Used during both critical and non-critical events, the Rave Panic Button provides Suffolk County with instant two-way communications and provides interoperability in communities large and small, including on a statewide basis in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Delaware.

FirstNet, the public safety communications platform, features the first-ever App Catalog geared to first responders, featuring more than 100 apps relevant to public safety’s mission. This gives FirstNet subscribers a dedicated location to find meaningful new solutions that have been specifically reviewed for use with FirstNet services.

“Rave Panic Button plays an important role in helping ensure public safety best practices are extended into schools, government facilities and soft targets across the country by providing 911 and first responders instant access to information and communication capabilities that are crucial to their response efforts,” said Rave Chief Operating Officer Todd Miller, “Inclusion in the FirstNet App Catalog underscores Rave Panic Button’s value to first responders and affirms the rigorous safeguards in place to help ensure the app meets high security standards.”