LenelS2 announced major enhancements to VRx, a next-generation video management platform that features advanced analytics based on deep-learning technology. VRx provides a unified access control and video surveillance experience when used in conjunction with LenelS2’s NetBox access control system, Magic Monitor unified client and Cumulus cloud-based service. VRx leverages deep learning for advanced object detection, providing users with enhanced situational awareness. The deep learning built into VRx takes in new video as data and uses the information to improve identification and classification algorithms over time. VRx provides the ability to detect a wide variety of objects such as backpacks, cars, trucks, people and animals. Forensic searches based on object detection make it possible to rapidly locate recorded video of interest and analyze events. VRx also enables users to upload crowdsourced video content from their smart devices to a VRx server. The video can be viewed alongside recorded video from security cameras. VRx seamlessly fits into the NetBox ecosystem, allowing the entire solution to easily scale with organizational growth. The Linux-based VRx appliance is plug-and-play and operates similarly to other NetBox ecosystem products. 

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