IXM TITAN is now available with a new enhancement kit that seamlessly equips the solution with a thermal infrared camera for fever detection with up to +/- 0.5°C accuracy, enabling simultaneous face recognition and temperature measurement. Expected applications for the TITAN with enhancement kit include pre-screening for employees and visitors for the purposes of fever-based access control or workforce management. The kit is field upgradeable and is available in black and copper or silver, as well as two different configurations for in-wall or on-wall mounting. In addition, IXM WEB software will be enhanced to allow enterprises to design custom workflows in the event of a fever detection such as prevent access and email notifications to HR, administrators, or supervisors. Additionally, Invixium will be offering a face recognition algorithm upgrade for TITAN enabling accurate identification of individuals wearing masks and veils. IXM TOUCH 2, Invixium’s multi-purpose biometric device, can now be field upgraded with face recognition, transforming it into a completely touchless device. Features include face recognition of up to 5,000 faces in less than 1 second. 

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