Ontario is discussing plans to reopen the economy, many businesses are faced with concerns surrounding how to ‘re-open’ during a global pandemic. Many employees are fearful to return to work and business leaders are concerned that one case of COVID-19 among their workforce could be disastrous for workforce productivity and morale.

As a result, Security ONE Alarm Systems launched a ‘Fever Detection Screening Service’ using HD thermal cameras that are linked to a software program to accurately and efficiently screen employees entering the workforce. First, however, Security ONE Alarm Systems deployed the COVID-19 pandemic response solution in its own facility.

Security ONE’s Director of Technical Service, Jeff Tavares, explained that “it was important for us to conduct our own in-house testing of this technology and really understand how to configure the product to ensure accurate readings. There are a lot of copy-cat products on the market and it was our job to sift through the clutter and provide the most reliable solution for our clients.”

The cameras are positioned in the entrance ways of the facility and can screen up to 30 employees at once, allowing for quick and non-intrusive assessment of elevated skin temperatures. If an employee is determined to surpass the skin temperature threshold set by the software, an audible alarm will sound, and that employee can be further examined to assess their condition prior to entering the workforce.

“It’s amazing to see how quickly our technology partners have stepped up to repurpose thermal security technology for a new application that can help our business clients in a big way,” said Chris Neumann, president and CEO. “We’ve seen major interest in the manufacturing, agriculture and greenhouse space since launching this service last month.”