SAFR from RealNetworks Inc. announced SAFR Inside, an app component of its facial recognition and computer vision platform, runs on the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) enabled cameras with edge processing capabilities. SAFR Inside reduces network traffic and server overhead and thus can lower overall deployment costs. The first version of SAFR Inside runs on the new AXIS Q1615 Mk III Network Camera.


SAFR Inside enables network cameras like the AXIS Q1615 Mk III to reduce video processing server overhead and achieve new lows in total cost of ownership. Take the example of a retail grocery chain deploying SAFR for mask detection on a few traditional IP cameras at dozens of locations. Until now, this customer would have had to install a new server at each location. By installing cameras with SAFR Inside and pairing them with SAFR’s Cloud Platform, the grocery chain eliminates the need for on-premise servers. A four-camera per location installation would have required a server at each store. Without it, the chain saves money in upfront costs per camera, not including system configuration costs or ongoing support requirements.


Large-scale on-premise deployments such as at a casino or stadium would experience similar up-front cost savings. By choosing cameras with SAFR Inside instead of a traditional IP camera, a 100-camera installation can now be run on a single on-premise SAFR recognition server.


“Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce the total cost of ownership when deploying SAFR,” says Eric Hess, sr. director product management for SAFR. “By bringing our world-leading AI into the camera, we are delivering lower costs and more flexible deployment options for our end users.”


In addition, the SAFR Inside app supports some of the SAFR Platform’s most requested features for fighting Covid-19.

•             Improve public health safety by automatically playing an audio reminder when someone is, or is not, wearing a protective face mask.

•             Reduce opportunities for viral transmission by introducing touchless access control systems using SAFR’s facial recognition on live video. SAFR can both ensure employees are wearing masks and recognize them with the mask on.


“SAFR Inside is the first Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) application to take full advantage of the new AI capabilities of our AXIS Camera Application Platform,” said Robert Muehlbauer, senior manager, business development, at Axis Communications. “With advanced computer vision technology like SAFR combined with the AI-enabled AXIS Q1615 Mk III, we see many use cases, including integrated solutions that utilize our IP audio and IP intercom technologies.  We look forward to SAFR Inside running on more Axis cameras and intercoms in the future.”


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