Allegion US announced the integration between Overtur, a collaboration environment for door hardware and openings, and Autodesk’s BIM360, a platform connecting project teams and data from design through construction.

With this integration app from Allegion, security integrators and dealers working on projects using Overtur as a collaboration platform can directly export punches collected using Overtur Mobile and the Punch List tool to a BIM360 project. 

“Overtur focuses on the coordination portion of openings of a building project. The Overtur process allows those working on openings to be ‘laser-focused’ on their task in tools specifically built for openings,” said Shawn Foster, Overtur content strategist.

Overtur features a Punch tool that allows for the creation of a punch list for openings and hardware from the job site.  After downloading the plans and hardware sets, the user can accept or flag an opening or the door hardware. Users can also add notes, take photos, attach pre-snapped photos or add a voice memo. Once completed, Overtur Mobile synchronizes the field data back to the Overtur project for collaboration, reporting and administration.

Foster continued, “Once openings are punched and synchronized to the Overtur project, users can directly connect to their BIM360 project and view their exported Overtur-created punches as Issues within the BIM360 project using Field Management. This integration will save valuable time and prevent data-entry errors for BIM360 users.”

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