ABLOY USA offers a universal hybrid mechanical/electromechanical product with the introduction of its new traffic enclosure locks. The 75481 series provides several key access control options utilizing less cylinder and offering greater accountability. The locks provide a solution for three distinct applications: The first is product specific with less cylinder, such as any key-in-knob Schlage. There also is the mechanical PROTEC 2 and the electromechanical ABLOY CLIQ. With only a one-key option, potential red flags are raised with access accountability once a key is lost or stolen. The ABLOY 75481 series prevents that situation from happening, the company says. There are 12 brass models to choose from with the 75481 series. Each left- or right-handed bolt and slam latch are constructed with an attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features to repel forced entry attempts. A built-in dust cover also protects the cylinder opening from grime and moisture.

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