The University of Connecticut (UConn) selected HID Global’s Seos smart cards and HID FARGO Connect secure issuance solution to optimize student services and strengthen security across its five-campus network. The HID FARGO Connect cloud-based platform enables UConn to decentralize ID issuance and eliminate student wait times, while Seos technology eliminates the vulnerabilities of its legacy system. 

UConn’s One Card office partnered with identification solutions supplier, ColorID, to upgrade its Husky One cards with Seos credential technology to combat card duplication and fraud. The cards provide access to student essentials such as dorms, dining halls and printing services. “The biggest challenge for UConn was it needed to re-card its campus to bolster security,” said Cassie Bunner, higher education account manager at ColorID. “We wanted to present the university with a technology we knew and had confidence in. HID was exactly that.”

Previously, the university’s card solution utilized proximity and magstripe technologies, which can be cloned. UConn’s 40,000 new Husky One cards retained magstripe and proximity technology to minimize disruption to campus life, while adding Seos technology for a phased university-wide transition to iCLASS readers. Once complete, UConn plans to remove proximity technology, further reducing card issuance costs.

In the future, the One Card office will manage its high-volume credential requirements and expedite student delivery using HID FARGO Connect and HDP5600 printers. UConn administrators plan to encode, print and issue about 18,000 credentials annually from any device on campus with a web interface.

“Setting up our university with HID FARGO Connect will allow regional campuses to print cards directly for students — no wait, no temporary card,” said Stephanie Kernozicky, director of UConn’s One Card Office. “The mobility of being able to take pictures and print wherever we need was a big factor in selecting FARGO Connect solutions.”

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