Symmetry Mobile is a web credential application designed to be used with AMAG’s Symmetry Bluetooth readers. Symmetry Mobile supports COVID-19 and return-to-work guidelines by promoting physical distancing and frictionless setup. The platform delivers a cost-effective and convenient solution for organizations using mobile devices to gain access to secured doors. Frictionless setup of a credential eliminates the need to physically interact with the security team or visit a badging office. The mobile credential portal allows central management of the credentials, photos and devices remotely. Symmetry Mobile and the Symmetry Blue Bluetooth reader integrate with Symmetry Access Control and other access control systems, making it an ideal solution for enterprise users deploying more than one system. Users can have an unlimited number of credentials stored within their digital wallet, allowing people who need to access to multiple sites using different access control systems to use the same mobile device. Symmetry Mobile supports multi-factor authentication when used with a PIN or biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition) on both Android and Apple iOS devices. Users can type their PIN or use a biometric on their phone, eliminating the need to touch the reader and in support of COVID-19 guidelines.

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