When AlarmHive was in the process of development, the team decided it needed to support those who are less fortunate, and from day one of product launch, they began the process of determining who they would support. In the end, they decided to support Operation Underground Railroad.

“We are a company that works in an industry that helps people be safe and secure in their business, their home and their person,” said AlarmHive Co-Founder Trent Whatcott. “Between our AlarmHive colony, we have over 50 years of experience in how best to protect a home, business and people from crime. We are passionate about helping people be safe and secure. When we were considering which organization we were going to support, we looked specifically at organizations that support the least safe and the least secure human lives on earth. Operation Underground Railroad fits that bill. As the father of a young girl who was nearly abducted when I was only 20 feet away from her, I know how conniving those who kidnap young children for the slave trade are and I have a very, very small glimpse of the beginnings of the terror the abducted and their families experience. It is evil at its very core. Our colony feels called to do all that we are able to help children of the slave trade return safely and securely to those who love them."

AlarmHive Marketing Manager Hannah Boone knew immediately that Operation Underground Railroad was her organization of choice, “While researching for a charity for AlarmHive to support, we came across Operation Underground Railroad. I knew right away it was the right fit. The mission of bringing safety and security to people resonates deeply with the industry we are a part of. We believe in doing whatever we can to support heroes that work hard to keep people safe, especially vulnerable children. All of us at AlarmHive are inspired by Operation Underground Railroad’s fight to end human trafficking and we’re buzzing to get these children safe.” 

AlarmHive will be holding socially distant activities to announce its support for Operation Underground Railroad starting immediately, in preparation for Rise Up For Children on July 30.