To further develop effective and customized solutions for Seek Scan, a thermal temperature screening solution that meets FDA guidelines during the COVID-19 public health emergency, Seek Thermal has made APIs available for access control, VMS and other integrated network capabilities. 

The Seek Scan thermal imaging system (which has a MSRP of $1,995) is designed and calibrated to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy, while enabling social distancing protocols. The system detects a face for measurement and displays an alert if the readings are warmer than the customizable alarm temperature. The thermal scanning system follows FDA guidelines by meeting the accuracy specification, including a reference heat source (black body), and by being made for single-person screening at a fixed distance. 

The new API capabilities allow Seek Scan to be accessible anywhere on a network, enabling access control systems, video management systems, integrators, and business owners to manage and access their Seek Scan systems and solutions. Security integrators can implement Seek Scan temperature screening to send alarm events, trigger access control and video management systems as well as pull and present historical data to integrate multiple Seek Scan units into one enterprise solution. 

Specific integrated functionality could include:

  • Accessing entry doors following scans
  • Triggering access control and video management systems
  • Allowing custom designed solutions utilizing Seek Scan hardware
  • Sending pass/fail scan messages and alarm events
  • Flagging video when a scan occurs 

“The demand for temperature screening and integrated API solutions has been growing rapidly,” said Mike Muench, CEO and president of Seek Thermal. “As businesses, institutions and organizations seek to provide safer environments in an increasingly uncertain time, we recognize the needs of our customers don’t stop with the contactless screening technology itself — the new and expanded integration capabilities of Seek Scan offer additional control, convenience and confidence.” 

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