Brivo, a global provider of cloud-based access control and smart apartment automation, has launched Brivo Access, a unified security platform delivering new digital transformation capabilities for organizations worldwide. Brivo Access sets a new standard for access control with the industry’s first integrated business intelligence (BI) tools and machine learning technologies to transform data into actionable insights. 

Brivo Access will improve the ability of the CISO/CSO to manage more comprehensive data sets and have a more holistic view of the business. Security teams will be empowered with easily customized and visualized access control and smart building sensor data to illuminate anomalies and better protect their people and property. 

“Security and building management systems, unfortunately, have not always enjoyed the latest technology solutions, and the power of data and AI have been no exception,” said Steve Van Till, Brivo president and CEO. “Slow cloud adoption, underfunded technology budgets and mismatched business and purchasing models are just a few of the reasons these industries have been left behind. All of that changes with Brivo Access. Security and building management teams now have the power of data, business intelligence, integration and insight at their fingertips.”

Digital data about physical spaces has become more important in a new way due to COVID-19 and the new behaviors and usage patterns it is driving. Security systems have traditionally been viewed as defensive systems that prevent things from happening, but with data, that viewpoint is transformed to one of proactive planning and innovation. 

“We knew that having the ability to aggregate, analyze and act on security data was paramount for Brivo users,” said Jeff Nielsen, Brivo chief technology officer. “We heard from our customers time and time again that they had data, but needed a way to bring to the forefront what was critical to pay attention to. If they knew what was important, they could act quickly, dig into their data and understand opportunities to better secure their people and property and to evaluate changes for improvement and expansion.” 

The revolutionary components of Brivo Access are data explorer and global view. Data explorer is a business intelligence tool built into the platform that renders your data useful by organizing and structuring it to allow you to see events and patterns within complex data sets. Data explorer can zoom into data, create custom reports and charts and generate business insights.

Global view helps you see exactly what is happening across all of your sites with summaries of expected access events as well as critical events. Zoom in or zoom out to dig into access data, displayed in map format. Global view gives users the ability to see what is going on in the business across sites, locations and geographies. 

Brivo Access is available in three editions — standard, professional and enterprise — which include specific sets of features. 

“We really designed the Brivo Access Editions to suit the needs of our diverse audience,” said Dean Drako, chairman of Brivo and founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Brivo is becoming the access control choice for Fortune 500 and global enterprises, but now we are breaking through the glass ceiling that has held security industry software products and services from delivering a true digital transformation experience for building technology.”
Brivo Access will replace Brivo Onair and all existing customers are able to use Brivo Access when they are ready to make the transition to enjoy the

new capabilities. Brivo offers comprehensive central management, cloud reliability and redundancy, cost savings and an open API video platform that provides a vast number of third-party integrations. 

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