NFPA just released a new product via an online demo called NFPA LiNK. The product is a digital version of the National Fire Protection Association’s standards, according to Jim Pauley, president and CEO of the organization.

With NFPA LiNK, field technicians, enforcers and first responders can access, research and share standards and changes to help them do their jobs better, while cutting out the guesswork and having to bring books, printouts and pencils along with them to a job site.

“This new version will allow people to collaborate more and share things by email and be more interactive, so I really think it will improve dialogue between enforcers and construction workers and more,” said Larry Ayer, licensed professional electrical engineer, Bizcom Electric/E2M Engineering.

The NFPA LiNK allows teams to share notes, navigate and reference compliance, and look up different codes, delivering the same experience whether the user is connected on a mobile device, desktop or laptop, according to Pauley.

According to Chief of Fire for the City of Hartford, Reginald Freeman, NFPA’s LiNK gives teams a potential to be more effective and more efficient, and has all kinds of uses such as in the field, for training, and collaboration.