The new loose cable stapler features a forward action design for stable and secure installation of wire and cable. It drives insulated staples for voice, data, video, NM (Romex) nonmetallic sheathed cable and delivers forward action for stability and single-handed operation. The tool works exclusively with Klein Tools insulated staples (Cat. Nos. 450-001, 450-002, 450-003), and it is adjustable to multiple sizes of Klein Tools staples. The channel on mounting face guides and protects cable from damage, and the tool works with various types of cables, including speaker wire, CAT3 to CAT6A, Coax RG59 to RG6Q, and Romex 1402 to Remex 12-3G. A secure staple push rod stays attached, and it features a cast aluminum body for durability. It has an adjustable force setting lever and a two-level cable guide for small and large cable that prevents stapling into the cable. It has an ergonomic, cushion-grip handle and is jam resistant. A clip allows users to attach the stapler to a belt or tool bag.

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