Intelisys, a ScanSource company, announced the launch of Partner Reviews, a community-driven platform enabling partners to share ratings, reviews and feedback on supplier experiences. 

Inspired by requests from partners, Partner Reviews was released to the Intelisys community during the company’s virtual Channel Connect event Oct. 13-15, 2020, along with additional new sales tools and enhancements to MyIntelisys, the company’s partner enablement platform. 

The Partner Reviews release also delivered a user interface enhancement for the MyIntelisys Supplier Portfolio, offering new options to sort suppliers in the portfolio by technology, category and rating; see how suppliers compare to each other; and access peer reviews, as well as supplier responses.

“Partner Reviews opens an innovative new communication channel for the Intelisys community,” said John Bogaty, Intelisys sales partner and president of PNT Inc. “We finally have the ability to rate and review suppliers and share information on our successes and challenges. With Partner Reviews, my team can quickly research suppliers and make smarter decisions on the right-fit solutions for customers.”

Online reviews have become a commonplace factor in the buying process for both businesses and consumers. With Partner Reviews, Intelisys partners can log into MyIntelisys to provide valuable feedback on suppliers and share knowledge within the community. Partners can gain insights into how suppliers rank in various categories, from ease of doing business to rules of engagement. 

A powerful enhancement to the MyIntelisys partner enablement platform, Partner Reviews equally supports sales and supplier partners with verified, relevant and timely feedback. Participation in Partner Reviews is voluntary; close to 40 percent of the suppliers in the Intelisys portfolio have already opted to join, with many more coming aboard after the success of the initial launch.

“Partner Reviews is the next evolution in industry eading sales tools, empowering partners to leverage the deep expertise and knowledge of our partner community,” said Mark Morgan, president of Intelisys. “Intelisys is much more than a master agent. MyIntelisys is the platform for back office support, digital transformation, sales tools and business enablement. As we reimagine the new next together, we are excited to provide innovative new tools and services to support our sales partners.”