From beginner to expert user, the new dormakaba Learning Institute provides an extensive education curriculum that spans key industry topics as well as the dormakaba product portfolio. 

“We use a blended learning approach that includes both scheduled and on demand courses designed to help users learn what they need, when they need it,” said Cindy Mitchell, associate vice president, training and education dormakaba. “Our customers and other industry professionals will find it easier to stay abreast of access control solutions with such a wide range of classes all in one place. We also offer customized training tailored to specific needs.”

Courses fall into five easy-to-access learning methods:

  1. Instructor Led — These in-person trainings combine classroom with hands-on exercises and range from two hours to multi-day, providing an intensive experience for peer-to-peer and hands-on learning. Each course includes a final exam to evaluate competency.
  2. Webinars/Virtual Classes — Scheduled online live sessions are designed to simulate in-person classroom events in a concise virtual session. Participants may interact with learning leaders via chat or voice depending on the number of participants. In addition, dormakaba is offering master classes on various key industry topics. Master Classes are livestreamed from the dormakaba Connections Studio.
  3. eLearning — eLearning courses can be accessed anytime and include AEC daily courses with continuing education credits and eLearning through the dormakaba learning management system portal. 
  4. Gamification — Gamification is designed to deliver information in a fun and competitive way so you can learn in just minutes. These quick games can be played on a phone, tablet or PC.
  5. Microlearning — Topics offer a short, focused course with multiple lessons. Microlearning is designed for people on the go who choose when and where to access via phone, tablet or PC.

dormakaba’s new Learning ebook is available to download. In addition, all courses are available in both scheduled and custom class settings. Email to set up custom training sessions.

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