People expect certain things when they visit your company website.

When you don’t provide them with what they need, they can become upset and annoyed. This usually causes people to leave your website for the competition.

To avoid this, here are the top nine things that drive people crazy about company websites.

1. No Idea What Your Company Does – Right away, your website needs to paint a clear picture of what your company does. If you can’t explain what you do in a few sentences, you’re going to lose website visitors.

2. No Contact Information – A lot of times customers visit your website to find the hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses and other important information. These items should be on your website and should be easy to find.

3. Annoying Video & Audio – It’s a mistake to have video and audio automatically playing on your website. It annoys visitors, and it slows down the load time on the webpage. Make video and audio playing optional.

4. Website Is Carbon Copy of Competition – If you don’t give any reasons on how you are different than the competition, you’re going to lose visitors. Your website is a place where customers will learn why you’re better than the competition. Use your website to your advantage.

5. No Updates – Your website needs to be regularly updated with fresh content and the latest information about your company. If your website still has a copyright date of 2018, people are going to ignore your site because it has a lot of old, outdated information.

6. Too Much Clutter – Does your website look like a teenager’s bedroom? Clean and organize your website. Make it easy to find things. Also be sure to use terms that everyone can understand. Don’t use tons of technical jargon.

7. Bulky Drop-Down Menus – Drop down menus are usually great. However, drop down menus that cover important parts of the screen are not. Keep your drop-down menus to a respectable size.

8. Outdated Links & Slow Load Times – Every link on your website should work and every page should take a few seconds to load. Test your website from time to time to make sure that everything is working properly.

9.  No Headlines – Every page on your website should include a headline that clearly explains the purpose of the page. This makes it easy for visitor to find the information that they need.

Following these tips will keep people on your website. You’ll see more traffic as well as more conversions.