Alula, a provider of smart security and automation systems for professional installers and the award-winning inventors of the Connect+ platform, announced an aggressive new sunset offer that will allow security professionals to upgrade their sunset-vulnerable customers to a 5G-ready solution.

The new Ultimate Sunset Offer automatically credits the security pro with 18 months of free interactive service for replacing a sunsetting device with an Alula BAT-Connect. The service credit will be applied automatically upon activation and allows the security professional to eliminate the service bill for the first 18 months.

“The BAT-Connect basically pays for itself,” said Russell Vail, EVP of market development at Alula. “We know that security pros are burdened by the onrushing sunset, and in 2021 we are quickly running out of time. So we looked at every competing offer, got aggressive and beat them with the best sunset offer the security industry has ever seen. That’s why we’re calling it the Ultimate Sunset Offer.”

Because Alula uses CAT-M1 cellular technology, the BAT-Connect is 5G-ready. BAT-Connect not only solves the 3G sunset but will help carry the account into the 5G era. 

Although the offer primarily was designed for BAT-Connect customers, Vail says Alula’s Ultimate Sunset Offer will include Connect+ and ConnectXT units that replace sunsetting devices as well.

“This is such an important advance for our industry in solving this chronic problem and we want to make sure all security pros are able to access it and use it to affordably scale their business,” Vail said. “By letting you keep that money in your pocket with 18 months of free service, we’re giving you a cushion for when you need it and the ability to rapidly scale your business to new heights using the freed up capital.”

An estimated 6 million alarm industry radios will go dark with the sunset of CDMA and 3G networks. Although there has been some confusion around when those networks will sunset, it’s widely expected to occur during 2022, leaving precious few months to tackle an enormous customer base.

“We expect to do a tremendous amount of business this year with the cellular sunset and this Ultimate Sunset Program puts us on the fast track to success,” said Rob Bowlin, CEO of Quantum Security and Innovations in Charlotte, N.C. “We’ve been very pleased with BAT-Connect and now that it comes with 18 months of free service, it basically pays for itself.”

To share details of the new Ultimate Sunset Offer, Alula will host a dedicated webinar on Thursday, January 14, at 1 p.m. CST. You can register for it here.