The Ava compact dome is a “small giant” unique not only in size but also in its exceptional quality. The new line of cameras is versatile, sleek and effortless to install while providing powerful smart edge analytics so operators can be proactive and respond immediately to events requiring attention. Its miniature size allows for more discreet camera placement for all indoor installations. Its acoustic sensor detects audio classifications, including glass breaking, gunshots, screaming and other loud noises. It is able to identify objects, events, similarities and anomalies for faster searches and proactive alerts. Additionally, all footage is accessible remotely, from any location, using any device securely. The excellent image quality detail extends from both bright-lighting, low-light and complete darkness. With a 5MP image resolution, an f/1.3 aperture and IR for best night vision, this camera was created for continuous surveillance at all hours of the day. It is easy and fast to install with its snap-on case and Ethernet connection. Users can connect the compact dome to walls and ceilings using existing legacy mounts. It is secure from the ground up with next-generation secure boot, automatic firmware and software upgrades, as well as encrypted data at rest, in transit and during management.

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