Integrators can earn additional RMR by monitoring energy usage via Verdafero's cloud-based data analytical SaaS. Whether it's one or more high dollar machines, an entire facility or a campus of buildings, you can protect your clients against mistakes in energy usage billings, oncoming maintenance issues or outright theft of electrical services. Verdafero works in tandem with your Central Monitoring Station (CMS) to immediately alert all stakeholders when there's a problem. 

Verdafero programmers works with the CMS to transmit all pertinent data directly to monitoring center computers in the most efficient and expedient manner using cellular and/or the internet. Data collected by IoT sub-meters and data loggers are sent within seconds for CMS operators to act on in whatever manner specified by individual clients. 

As an additional bonus, Verdafero sends push notifications to clients' mobile devices, either as a primary means or a secondary precaution. Here, it may be more advantageous to forego CMS involvement, as when the nature of a notification is of a lower priority. 

An example of a low-priority notification would be a low percentage of deviation with respect to voltage/current consumption with regard to an expensive piece of equipment on the manufacturing floor. An example of a high priority notification would be a higher percentage of deviance which could lead to equipment damage and/or a sudden, prolonged halt in production. 

For more information, download Verdafero’s Monitoring Utilities and IoT whitepaper.