Brinks Home Security announced yesterday it is dropping “security” from its name to become Brinks Home.

According to Brinks Home CEO William Niles, the journey to the rebrand began when he joined the company. Niles was interim CEO beginning March 2020, and became the permanent CEO in September 2020.

“When I stepped into the role as CEO, the first thing I did was work with our marketing department to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that encompasses our values and view of the industry and how we want to operate as a company,” he said.

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According to Niles, Brinks Home is a “synthesis of where we think the smart home security industry is headed.”

“It's not just security,” he said. “It's making life simpler and better in the home for our customers, and also modernizing the look and feel of the brand, and then carrying that through superior service and better products.”

As part of this transformation, Brinks Home has built an enterprise data platform to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning; Product development is a new focus, with the company rebuilding its product roadmap and adding people to its product team; The rebrand also includes overhauled the brand strategy, as well as the look and feel of its marketing, messaging and value statements, with an updated logo and tagline: “Security for Life.”

wildfire smoke and ol' Glory

Ad is courtesy of Brinks Home

The strategy will guide all aspects of the business, including customer interactions, corporate culture and partner relationships. This refresh and rethinking even trickles down to the Brinks Home corporate headquarters, where doors and walls are being replaced with a modern, transparent style with plenty of glass and windows.

The transparency in building design reflects the transparency within the organization.

“We have approximately 1,400 employees, and we want all of them to feel like they're part of the mission, they understand it, and they understand all the different components of what we do, both in serving the customers and creating value for our shareholders,” Niles said. “It's really a holistic kind of view.”

Brinks Home enlisted agency partner HUGE to define the new strategy and identity, which will come to life across all channels, including advertising, online presence and other print and digital media.

“This is the start of a new beginning for us — the brand strategy we’ve developed will serve as our guiding light throughout the organization for years to come,” said Krystle Craycraft, vice president marketing, Brinks Home. “Our brand strategy defines who we are and enables us to deliver a unique, consistent, and differentiated experience to all who interact with our brand, including our customers, as well as our internal and external partners.”

As part of the phase one of the brand strategy effort, the company has looked refreshed internal messaging, updated employee benefits, implemented cross-functional teams for brand transformation initiatives, and founded employee resource groups that allow employees to be supported while strengthening the culture of diversity and inclusion. Additional initiatives will be rolled out in 2021 and beyond.

wildfire smoke and ol' Glory

Ad is courtesy of Brinks Home

“We understand that how we treat our employees, how we care for each other, is the first step in truly caring for our customers,” said Kevin Lyons, chief people officer and head of human resources, Brinks Home. “We are committed to ensuring that our employees are valued and heard. The changes we have made ensure we are building a company where all are respected and supported.”

With smart home solutions growing in popularity, Brinks Home’s rebrand emphasizes an elevated customer service experience in DIY and DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) solutions.  

“We look at our brand as a premium brand experience,” Niles said. “If you're going to be a Brinks customer, it actually means something. It's going to have a different look, a different feel and a different experience as a customer.”