Paxton10 combines access control, video, Bluetooth smart credentials (with zero license fees), feature-rich software and, for the first time, Paxton10 cameras, all in one system. The product is available from Paxton’s approved distribution partners and includes: access and video fully integrated on one, license-free platform; Free Paxton10 smart credentials (zero license fees) — Bluetooth wireless technology allows smartphones, tablets or smartwatches to be used in place of traditional keys or electronic tokens; remote management; multi-site management functionality; Paxton10 cameras; modular, single door system; scalable from 1 to 1,000 doors and up to 1,000 cameras; fully compatible with Paxton products — PaxLock wireless door handles and video door Entry system; migration path from Paxton’s flagship Net2 access control system; supported by wide range of installer tutorial videos and software wizards; and it integrates with fire and intruder alarms to simplify building management. Paxton is inviting installers to sign up for virtual Paxton10 installer training, which will cover everything needed to install, configure and maintain a Paxton10 system.

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