IronYun USA Inc., a worldwide provider of artificial intelligence for video analysis, announced that the Vaidio AI Vision Platform is now available in Canada through a partnership with MSCG Canada. The Vaidio platform is an ideal solution for organizations that need to reduce false alerts from their security systems, reduce overhead associated with safety screening and security monitoring and accelerate real-time and forensic video search. 

The Vaidio AI Vision platform works with almost any new or existing IP camera. Vaidio integrates with more than a dozen VMS’s and NVR’s. Vaidio offers broad functionality with 28 AI-enabled video analytics. Vaidio AI can search, detect and alert on objects, people, animals, vehicles, boundaries, faces, license plates, behaviors and conditions. Vaidio software runs on standard servers with Nvidia GPUs to deliver accuracy and performance. 

The primary applications for Vaidio include security with intrusion detection; health screening with face mask, distancing, occupancy and temperature detection; access control using face or license plate recognition; and forensic investigation, with over 30 objects, multiple attributes, 200 vehicle makes and 2,000 vehicle models.

Customers worldwide use the Vaidio AI Vision platform to minimize false alerts, accelerate forensic video search and make safety screening and security monitoring more efficient. Applications such as no touch temperature screening and access control, people counting, facial recognition and heat mapping are ideal for everyday real scenarios in restaurants, banks, gyms, retail stores, hospitals and more.

“We’re proud to partner with IronYun to bring the Vaidio AI Vision Platform to the Canadian market,” said Mark Anthony Richards, president of MSCG Canada. “We’ve seen advances in AI for video analytics over the past few years, and, in our opinion, the Vaidio platform ranks highest in terms of maturity and ability to drive real-world customer value. Vaidio brings world class accuracy, performance and intelligence to just about any IP camera. The Vaidio platform can do so much, it really must be seen to be believed.”

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