Nortek Control released an extensive assortment of new integration drivers for ELAN whole-house control solutions. The new drivers continue to expand ELAN system capabilities for dealers who are delivering home and business entertainment, security and control systems. The broad array of new drivers demonstrates the results of an ongoing program of close support and collaboration between Nortek Control engineers and third-party integration developers.

“We are excited to take this program to the next level in 2021 as we continue to work across product sectors, other manufacturers and developers to ensure ideal integration between ELAN products and other distinguished brands,” said Richard Pugnier, vice president of marketing at Nortek Control. “This allows us to approve, track and share drivers that have been developed by our company as well as third-party companies and to further support our dealers in bringing compelling solutions to their customers.”

“This is an important, ever evolving program that responds to the needs of the market,” said Larry Cramp, manager of the Nortek Control ELAN Integration Program. “As such, dealers and third-party vendors and developers will receive quarterly updates and will be able to soon access the wide variety of drivers directly through ELAN Management Cloud.”

One of the most requested drivers was for the Somfy TaHoma Gateway Hub. Brittany Mier y Terán, partnership and CI channel manager at Somfy, said, “The development experience between Control Concepts and Somfy to enable the fantastic ELAN system solution was extremely positive. We were in constant communication to create a thoughtful, well designed integration that will provide real value to the market.”

The Nortek Control development team is in progress on several additional integration drivers with security, lighting and irrigation manufacturers that are expected to be announced within the next quarter.

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