Securityhunter, located in Baltimore, is now certified with FirstNet. FirstNet is the country’s first nationwide communications platform dedicated to public safety to help first responders connect to the critical information in an emergency.

FirstNet communications frequency operates at 700MHz, a frequency only allocated to life, safety and security personnel communicating during a public safety emergency. 

Becoming certified means Securityhunter can now offer its federal clients a method to communicate in the event of a disaster. FirstNet was developed specifically to help first responders avoid issues caused by overloaded cellular networks by providing communication ability exclusively for emergency services.

“We believe this shows how Securityhunter is committed to protecting the nation by planning for any catastrophic emergency that may arise,” said Securityhunter Quality Control Manager Marcus Wright.

Ross Nelson, executive director, added, “We’re always looking for capabilities that will help us enhance public safety and security. I think FirstNet is an important tool for our first responders and I’m proud that Securityhunter is able to participate in the program.” 

At the present time, there are less than 35 companies approved to install FirstNet systems.