Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance platform provides users with a powerful yet highly cost-effective remote recording solution, while providing resellers with a new potential revenue stream to add to their offering portfolio. For large surveillance system users, Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance solution provides affordable secure offsite video backup. For SMBs, Videoloft’s ability to record up to 8MP direct to the cloud provides a powerful remote standalone storage solution. Both applications provide system integrators and resellers with a versatile VSaaS for virtually any size system or vertical application. A key benefit of VSaaS solutions is that they can be positioned as an operating expense versus a capital expense, making it easier for users to budget the solution as an ongoing expense for operations rather than a large single one-time investment. The platform offers quick service restaurant and retail chains a secure, centralized and long-term video storage solution. It allows them to easily consolidate video from multiple sites and add cloud storage, eliminating the risk of lost footage due to theft or tampering of onsite recorders. Videoloft also allows users to store video for up to three years to protect them from liabilities associated with injury and insurance claims and shrinkage. The solution provides site managers with the versatility to remotely manage employees, deliveries and health and safety protocols.

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