The Trove access and power solution increases capacity to accommodate more Mercury access hardware with or without Altronix power from a single enclosure. The angle-bracketed system provides a scalable option which allows system designers the flexibility to accommodate more Mercury access hardware, Altronix power and sub-assemblies, all in one Altronix Trove3 size enclosures without the need for mounting hardware on the enclosure door. The system comprises Trove3MBK3 — a Trove3 enclosure with TMB3 Backplane and 36-BR3M angled brackets; Trove3MB3 — a Trove3 enclosure with TMB3 Backplane, which accommodates Altronix BR3M brackets or DIN Rail (sold separately); and BR3M2PK — a two-pack of Altronix brackets for Trove3MB3. Trove access and power integration solutions with removable backplanes simplify board layout and wire management, allowing installers to easily configure and test systems prior to on-site installation. These units include tamper switches, cam lock, along with all mounting hardware and accessories. Trove solutions are also made in the U.S. and are NDAA and TAA compliant.

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