E2S audible and visual signals employ a common sound or light engine housed in 316L stainless steel, robust GRP or corrosion proof, marine grade copper free LM6 aluminum enclosures, giving specifiers their choice of housing materials to best suit the intended application. All devices feature highly efficient circuits that offer low inrush and running current consumption. Alarm horn sounders have outputs up to 125 dB(A) and beacons with over 1,250 effective Candela. Beacons are available with both Xenon tubes for ultra-bright flash requirements and LED arrays with five flash rates and two steady modes. All products feature multiple third-party approvals from the international and regional authorities. E2S manufactures a complete range of alarm horn sounders, Xenon strobe beacons and manual call points with SIL2 compliance to IEC 61508 in three different housing materials. 

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