LifeSafety Power, an ASSA ABLOY company, today announced that it has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). 

LifeSafety Power’s NetLink NL4 and NLX Network Communication Modules interface with OnGuard access control software versions 8.0 and 7.6 to provide advanced power management for enterprise access control systems. NetLink adds proactive monitoring and management capabilities to LifeSafety Power’s power systems, interfaces directly to the OnGuard platform and is engineered to handle applications which require network-management. Leveraging this new interface, all power system alerts are now viewable in the OnGuard software. 

“LifeSafety Power has completed required factory testing at LenelS2 to validate the functionality of its interface to the OnGuard system,” said John Marchioli, OAAP product management, LenelS2. “This interface to the OnGuard system allows users to add powerful remote monitoring capabilities to LifeSafety Power’s access control power systems through an intuitive web browser interface.We look forward to their continued involvement in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program.”

John Olliver, senior vice president of sales and marketing for LifeSafety Power, added, “The ability to receive alerts and notifications on all power-connected systems through the OnGuard system brings greater intelligence to access control solutions. For the end-user and systems integrators, managed power improves the ability to preemptively assess power status for greater reliability and uptime.”