March Networks, a global video surveillance and video based business intelligence provider, announced several enhancements to its retail solution that use AI and cloud technology to help quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and other retailers cut losses from theft, improve customer service and drive profitability.

With mobile and online ordering more popular than ever due to the pandemic, streamlining curbside delivery is a top priority for retailers. With this in mind, March Networks has introduced a new mobile order pick-up solution for retailers and QSRs that alerts operators in real-time to customers arriving for curbside pick-up. The solution uses a highly accurate, AI-powered analytic, available in March Networks’ ME6 Series IP Cameras, to detect vehicles arriving for pick-up. Retailers can receive an email or text message alert about each vehicle’s arrival, and also capture recorded video of every curbside delivery for future review and investigation.

When paired with March Networks’ Searchlight for Retail software, the solution allows businesses to also capture data analytics on curbside deliveries. QSRs, for example, can track the number of mobile deliveries at different times throughout the day and on different days to analyze trends and help improve speed of service. Big box retailers and grocers, meanwhile, can use Searchlight to oversee all of their curbside deliveries, investigate any disputes, and uncover trends, which can help improve service.

Searchlight, available as a cloud service, combines video surveillance with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data and business analytics for exception-based reporting and faster loss prevention investigation times. It also offers valuable information on customer service, operations, and business performance with intelligent easy-to-read dashboards.

Retailers can now access Searchlight data on their smartphone or tablet with the March Networks Command Mobile Plus app. Using the app, retailers can see POS transaction data paired with surveillance video, investigate security alerts, and review thumbnail images from each of their cameras.

“By offering this innovative cloud-based suite of tools, March Networks is using AI to help solve the problems retailers and QSRs face on a daily basis,” said Net Payne, March Networks Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “This new curbside solution helps retailers adapt to changing consumer demands and use video to improve the customer experience and gather new insights about a rapidly growing segment of their business.”