GE Security Inc., Bradenton, Fla., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revised its previous order for 80 CTX 9000 DSi units to include GE Security’s newest explosives detection system (EDS), the CTX 9400. The revised order now includes 41 CTX 9000 and 39 CTX 9400 units.
The 39 CTX 9400 units add to the two CTX 9400 upgrades previously installed for TSA evaluation, and the 14 CTX 9400 upgrades ordered by the TSA for future installations.
The CTX 9400 is the latest addition to GE’s line of explosives detection systems and represents the first in a series of enhancements for the CTX 9000 DSi that are part of GE’s industry-leading multi-generational product plan (MGPP) for EDS systems.
The GE Security EDS MGPP offers customers the ability to maximize and protect their baggage screening infrastructure investments by ensuring a continuing upgrade path to the latest technologies through a series of regular new product releases. The CTX 9400 incorporates hardware and software upgrades to help customers achieve enhanced operational throughput and potentially lower total cost of ownership in highly automated, inline EDS baggage screening systems.
“GE Security is pleased the TSA has adopted the first new CTX 9000 DSi-based system in our EDS multi generational product plan – the CTX 9400 – and will soon begin to take advantage of its benefits at airports nationwide,” said Dennis Cooke, president, GE Security’s Homeland Protection business. “The TSA, as well as our other customers around the world, can be confident, thanks to this MGPP, that their investments in EDS systems will continue to deliver value and performance improvements well into the future."
In April, the TSA, which is the largest user of EDS, ordered 16 CTX 9400 upgrade kits and upgraded previously deployed units. Two months later, it ordered 80 CTX 9000 DSi units to be deployed nationwide. The next planned EDS in GE’s MGPP is the CTX 9800 DSi. It is poised to deliver the industry’s highest-resolution, full volumetric scanning, which promises unprecedented levels of detection and significantly higher throughput. The CTX 9800 is also expected to provide operators with significantly better tools to aid their decision-making.
Development of the CTX 9800 utilizes the resources of GE’s Homeland Protection business along with the specialized expertise of GE Healthcare and GE’s Global Research Center to take the CTX 9000 DSi platform to new levels of performance and reliability. The CTX 9400 EDS, whether purchased new or as an upgrade to a CTX 9000 EDS, will be further upgradeable to the upcoming CTX 9800 EDS when it becomes available.
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