Inovonics Wireless Corporation, Louisville, Colo., specialist in commercial-grade wireless security products, will be presenting a PSA TEC educational seminar on the application of wireless security in commercial environments on Thursday, May 8 at 3:15 p.m. at the Pheasant Run Resort and Spa in St. Charles, Ill.
The presentation will educate dealers about the current wireless security landscape and the available technologies, the appropriate applications of wireless, and an overview of the next generation of RF wireless.
“Wireless is permeating our lives, not just the security industry; it’s easy to get lost in the available technologies,” said Inovonics’ vice president of sales and marketing, Chris Larcinese. “Our educational seminars are designed for dealers to get their bearings in the wireless world and teach them to get more jobs done with less overhead. That’s what wireless is all about.”
The seminar will feature a demonstration of EchoStream, Inovonics’ latest RF wireless technology. A small network will be set up on-site where dealers can get hands-on experience with the network using the EchoStream Survey Kit. Attendees can pre-register for the convention at and find out more about Inovonics and EchoStream at