Robots Will Roam ESX Show with Advertising Messages.
If you loved R2D2 in the Star Wars movies, you’re gonna love what ESX is doing. AE Ventures, which operates the Electronic Security Expo (ESX), announced that it will offer not only exhibit space at its upcoming show in Baltimore in June, but robot space as well.
MobileRobots Inc.’s talking, robotic advertising kiosks will travel the ESX show, sport advertiser logos, display advertiser videos, describe advertiser products, and offer advertiser collateral materials to passersby. “Space ads” on robots will be sold by the hour, but also can be tuned by spatial location. For instance, during the lunch hour, the robot can drive to various café areas on the trade show floor and perform a routine for diners.
“Writing advertising for robots is more like writing a play than a TV ad,” said Jeanne Dietsch, CEO and creative force behind MobileRobots Inc. “Media designers create an interaction, not just a presentation. That’s what makes robots a more powerful advertising medium; viewers become actively involved.”
You may meet this robot in person, by attending ESX in Baltimore, June 24-25. For information about the show, visit