It's a morning ritual: what to wear to work. But today is pretty special. I'm going to attend a trade show.
I pull the black suit and silk blouse out of the closet. No way that's going to work -- too formal. Hmm, perhaps the blue dress. No, not today.
How about my old familiar trade-show high heels? Professional, but comfortable. Nope, I can kick those into a corner.
You see, it really doesn't matter what I wear today because the trade show I'm attending is virtual! From the comfort of my desk I can conveniently network with security professionals, visit exhibitors and gather resources, tune in to subject matter experts through a set of six webinars, and more.
It's called iSecurity -- produced by SDM & SECURITY magazines -- and it takes place TODAY! You can register all day long -- for free -- and attend whenever you like throughout the day. Go to
By the way, I decided on blue jeans and flip-flops... afterall, it's still summer.