Seoul Robotics, a 3D computer vision company using AI and deep learning, announced its SENSR plug-in integration with Milestone Systems XProtect VMS. The plug-in provides customers using Milestone VMS with access to both 2D and 3D visuals within the XProtect dashboard, enabling a deeper understanding of activity within defined spaces, while minimizing the number of false positives.

The plug-in makes 3D computer vision and its corresponding 3D sensors like light detection and ranging (LiDAR) more affordable and accessible to camera integrators while bringing a heightened dimension of visibility. SENSR is non-proprietary and flexible, compatible with more than 75 different brands and models of sensors, and can operate with multiple types of sensors in one cohesive system.

This integration enables users to create highly customized “zones,” a defined area for sensors and cameras to track and detect objects, occupancy, movement, and speed. These zones and movements are reflected on a map in the XProtect platform so system managers can view live activity, change zones, and calibrate LiDAR sensors. If a violation is detected, the system will automatically set off an alarm and alert the appropriate contacts. Customers can also access and download intuitive reports of behavioral data — both historical and real-time — in the XProtect dashboard.

“At Milestone, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading video management system for security, and one critical component to this is having an open platform that is accessible and customizable for customers,” said Haider Muhammed, community sales, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, at Milestone Systems. “Seoul Robotics is the ideal 3D deep learning partner because they also rely on an open software platform. By leveraging the SENSR plug-in along with the Milestone XProtect VMS, our customers will be able to simultaneously gather 2D and 3D insights to ensure safety and security.”

Earlier this year, Seoul Robotics introduced SENSR 2.2, the latest version of its patented 3D perception software. SENSR 2.2 leverages deep learning and can detect and track over 500 objects simultaneously and with an accuracy range of within 10 cm, including objects that are partially obstructed, fast-moving, or clustered together. These capabilities can provide valuable insights into capacity, movement, and speed.

“Seoul Robotics was founded with the goal of bringing 3D data to the masses by making it scalable and affordable to adopt,” said HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics. “Now that SENSR is integrated with XProtect, we are further accelerating the adoption of 3D systems in industries like security that will benefit from this additional dimension of data and solve complex problems,” “Deep learning enables the most comprehensive and accurate 3D insights, and we are proud to be the first 3D deep learning partner for Milestone.”

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