CBC, a manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the parent company of the Ganz brand, announced a strategic business alliance with Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon company, makers of the Leica BLK247 Smart 3D Surveillance System. The alliance brings an in-depth integration of the Ganz CORTROL video and data management and the BLK247 3D system, giving users access to advanced sensor fusion technology — a combination of edge computing, imagery, and LiDAR. This complete 3D video surveillance solution can detect and report physical changes within a space through CORTROL’s client user interface.

The integrated technologies optimize the event handling and data management capabilities of Ganz CORTROL VMS. In addition, CORTROL administers the dual fisheye camera’s live streams, real-time video dewarp of panorama or arbitrary zones, and edge-based analytic events of the BLK247.

“CORTROL works with Leica’s BLK247 to continually monitor in 3D, even in the complete absence of light,” said Keith Sowa, director of product development, Ganz Security.  “In addition, the LiDAR, 24MP fisheye video, thermal imagery, and AI algorithms on-the-edge mark a new era in high-level security technologies.”

Visit ganzsecurity.com/3D for more information.