Robinson Ventures has acquired Pyro-Comm Systems, a Southern California fire alarm company. Robinson Ventures assumed ownership of Pyro-Comm Systems on Nov. 1, 2021.

“I believe that Michael Robinson and the Robinson Ventures team are a perfect fit for Pyro Comm” said Michael Donahue, founder of Pyro-Comm Systems. “I was looking for a partner that would grow our legacy. Robinson Ventures will take Pyro-Comm and make it even better. They’ll take it to a level I never could.” 

Robinson Ventures brings capital and technology to the business. Pyro-Comm President John De Sousa will remain in his leadership role.

“Having Robinson Ventures come on board gives us the support we need to grow,” De Sousa said. “Our customers can look forward to new services, like fire protection, and employees will enjoy the opportunity to further their careers and learn new skills. Robinson’s knowledge of how to apply technology is going to add enormous value to our business.” 

According to Ian Milne, senior partner at Robinson Ventures, the company plans to keep Pyro-Comm operations intact. 

“We think it’s a great foundation to move to the next level,” Milne said. “Between the sales and management expertise of John’s team, and the strategy, tools, and technology that Robinson brings, this is all about growing and improving what’s already here.” 

Michael Robinson, managing partner of Robinson Ventures, added, “We are investing in the people of Pyro-Comm, who have proven themselves by building a great business over the past 40 years. Our goal is to build on that tradition by providing more compelling solutions for our fire alarm customers throughout California.”