Splan Inc., a developer of open-architecture security software for the physical security industry, has launched its new module focused on COVID-19 safety solutions to help employees, staff, and visitors safely return to the workplace. Splan’s open architecture with flexible configuration philosophy helps organizations implement COVID-19 best practices for employees’ health and safety.

Splan’s COVID-19 safety solutions offer a seamless check-in workflow for employees, staff, and visitors, effectively automating the process of ensuring that all individuals are properly vetted and screened upon entry. Organizations can track and trace vaccination status, COVID-19 test results, and temperatures, and flag potential risks.

“We are happy to be able to offer our customers a clear head as they open their doors to employees and visitors,” said Madhu Gourineni, CEO at Splan. “Splan has created a unique secured digital check-in workflow for employees, staff, and visitors that is disrupting the industry.”

With the recent vaccine mandate on organizations with more than 100 employees, tracking vaccination status and compliance is now more important than ever. Employees, staff, and visitors can seamlessly check in through Splan’s SignInEasy app, or check in through a kiosk located at a front desk. The app can save certain information for frequent visitors, such as credentials and vaccination status. Splan’s software solution can also administer COVID-19 questionnaires that monitor symptoms and flag risks of infection. Flagged employees’ access badges can be temporarily disabled.

For more information, https://www.splan.com/.