Bird Home Automation expanded its product portfolio to include door intercoms with an integrated fingerprint sensor. IP video door stations of the D21x series are now equipped with fingerprint technology from Fingerprint Cards AB. This enables biometric authentication via fingerprint. Homeowners and residents can see and speak to their visitors and delivery services on the go via smartphone and unlock the door when needed. Each door intercom features an HD wide-angle camera, motion sensor and audio system with echo and noise cancellation. The fingerprint reader is fully integrated into the DoorBird software architecture and can be configured remotely at any time. Via app or Web-based dashboard, the user can grant and withdraw access permissions, and also define which event should follow when a certain finger is detected. For example, an internal or external relay can be triggered, or an HTTP(S) command can be carried out. To prevent manipulation attempts, the fingerprint scanner is temporarily locked after ten unauthorized access attempts. The fingerprint sensor is integrated in DoorBird models with one and two call buttons: D2101FV Fingerprint 50 and D2102FV Fingerprint 50. Each door intercom can store up to 50 fingerprints, and customers can create their own customized IP video door stations equipped with a fingerprint sensor and other individual modules via the DoorBird 3D Configurator.

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