VIVOTEK, a global provider of IP surveillance solution provider, has launched its new network audio solutions, including the AU-001 network horn speaker and the AU-002 network audio driver.

“A variety of our cameras are the most optimal for setting specific video analytic detection events and synchronizing VIVOTEK audio devices,” said David Liu, president of VIVOTEK USA Inc. “As such, our new Network Audio Solutions have been integrated with our VAST 2 VMS software into these systems. This can apply in diverse situations to improve security on premises, properties, and restricted zones with event-triggered announcements, providing an intelligent surveillance solution while reducing management costs.”

The indoor/outdoor AU-001 network horn speaker, which provides a long-range 106 dB voice alarm, is compatible with VAST 2 and allows users to upload their own audio clips on VAST 2 for broadcasting. With an all-metal housing and a dust- and water-tight IP66 rating, the AU-001 can be placed anywhere, enabling a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to system design. It is easy to install, can be remotely configured, and can be powered up with built-in PoE (power over Ethernet).

The AU-002 network speaker driver solution converts a traditional analog speaker to a network speaker. It supports SIP and UDP broadcast protocols, has a built-in 20W power amplifier to drive speakers directly, is powered from the IP network cable using PoE+ IEEE 802.3at, and has remote configuration and firmware upgrade via HTTPS.

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