WorkHorse, a full-scale back-office and communications solutions provider for the security industry, has launched its newest service, the Monitoring Center Server. The new software includes product enhancements and features specifically designed to give alarm companies the capability to interact with third-party programs through a single API.

The Monitoring Center Server enables communication partners to streamline operations with an out-of-box software solution that saves them time and money by giving them the capability to integrate monitoring centers into their existing operations seamlessly. WorkHorse’s single API allows users to access solutions quickly and securely while saving developers months of development and testing for homegrown solutions, translating to significant operating savings.

"The key to enabling growth for the alarm industry lies in streamlining operations in innovative ways that are built specifically for the sector’s unique needs,” said Steven Hayes, president of WorkHorse. "Savvy companies recognize that investments in efficiency can translate to better customer service and better business outcomes.”

“The team at WorkHorse was really great to work with, enabling us to quickly make available to our dealers some very powerful features that allow them and Monitoring Centers alike to streamline operations within the SecureCom Wireless Dealer Admin and Virtual Keypad software applications,” said Mark Hillenburg, vice president marketing at DMP. “We have seen some significant interest in these features. We look forward to working more with Steve Hayes and the team at WorkHorse.”

"Our mission is to empower alarm companies to take charge of their operations and boost their profits through innovative technological solutions,” Hayes said. “The Monitoring Center Server delivers these capabilities, helping alarm companies perform efficiently and deliver a better experience for team members and clients alike. We are grateful for our collaboration with DMP, our first partner in this new effort. Their insight in helping us perfect the software has been invaluable, and our team has learned valuable insights from this experience."

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