Immix, global provider of commercial central station and remote SOC software for managed video and security services, announced a partnership with Techevolution, a technology hosting solutions and managed IT services provider, that will allow Immix central station and security operations center (SOC) customers to monitor and manage sites and facilities that fall under the 827A standard for security and life safety applications. Techevolution is the only data center that does not also provide central station or SOC services that holds the 827A designation.

UL 827A permits existing UL-listed centers hosted by Techevolution to earn the additional UL 827A listing. This addition provides the guidance for a UL 827A-listed central station to offer alternative methods related to the structure, location, and implementation of their software and/or hardware, including new options on the hosting placement and the location of their servers, software, central station receivers, and telephone systems.

“In an industry with requirements as stringent as that of the security and life safety industry, Immix is very pleased to be able to offer our customers a choice in how they deploy their infrastructure and operations,” said Immix CEO Chris Brown. “Our UL partner stations can now choose to partner with a data center in North America that is 827A compliant; thus, eliminating the need to possibly have to partner with a competitor center or spend a great deal of expense and resources to stand up their own environment.”

Under 827A, monitoring centers using Immix can choose to adopt a central station host structure through Techevolution to include hosting automation systems, telephone systems, and even receivers in a remote location. An essential benefit is that a hosting service can relieve some of the burden from the central station, alleviating the need for IT staff experts or incurred costs of routine hardware and software licensing and upgrades. Outsourcing allows the central station to focus its resources on service delivery to its customers.

In addition, the Immix-Techevolution partnership fills an essential gap for central stations that eclipse the UL-mandated monitoring equivalent weight (MEW) factor. Central stations with a certain alarm activity factor that are mandated to maintain fully redundant operations can now choose to partner with a UL 827A-listed hosting provider.

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