WeSuite, a manufacturer of sales management software for security technology sales and service providers, and FieldHub, a software solution that streamlines accounting, management of field services, RMR, and parts inventory for security integrators, announced the impending release of a seamless integration between their platforms. When used as an integrated solution, users will experience complete continuity between WeSuite’s CRM, sales management, and quote-to booking capabilities and the project delivery, accounting, and support-related workflows best managed by FieldHub’s platform.

The WeSuite and FieldHub integrated software solution improves sales quoting and pricing accuracy, eliminates redundant data entry, reduces errors, and improves interdepartmental communication. Customer, site and billing addresses, contacts, and parts within the FieldHub database are searchable and selectable, in real time, as salespeople create leads, build estimates including material, labor, chargeable items, and services within WeSuite. Winning sales data passes from WeSuite to FieldHub for automated creation of work orders within its finance, management, and scheduling application. Both systems deliver real-time, detailed reporting that provides actionable insights to all members of the organization.

“WeSuite’s integration with a range of business solutions allows security companies to bridge the gap between sales, marketing, accounting, and business operations,” said Tracy Larson, WeSuite president and co-founder. “We are particularly excited about our new relationship with FieldHub because, like WeSuite, it’s a solution designed specifically for the security industry. Together, we can offer systems integrators and alarm companies comprehensive technology based tools that fully connect and support the complexities and idiosyncrasies of their businesses. This ultimately leads to easier and more profitable growth and a more satisfying experience for their customers.”

Miles Fawcett, FieldHub CEO, said, “We are delighted to offer this WeSuite integration with FieldHub so that customers may benefit from end-to-end workflows made specifically for security integrators. The combined commitment to and knowledge of the security industry is unmatched in the industry.”

For more information, visit www.wesuite.com.