At this year’s show, the Security Industry Association (SIA) is hosting a Women in Security Forum Leadership Series. This event, titled “The Code to Communication, Collaboration and Camaraderie,” will be led by renowned speaker and seasoned technology executive Gayle Keller, along with her dynamic colleague Susan K. Younger.

The two professionals will talk about how to crack the communication codes to lead to greater amicability among peers, collaborative environments and balanced teams of complementary personalities. The event will take place today, Thursday, March 24 at 11:15 a.m. at The Bridge Stage – Booth 20073 on the ISC West Show Floor.

This special presentation from Keller – and presented by the SIA Women in Security Forum and Intel – is designed to be personality based and people focused. As a participant, you’ll learn how to understand the differences in approaching a decision to any given situation, especially between genders.

Individuals will:

  • Complete an assessment that identifies personality traits, work preferences and communication styles
  • Review, examine and present the results
  • Learn about the different traits people have and how to work productively with them
  • Role play various challenges with specific, real-life situations
  • Gain a full understanding of the assessment
  • Implement learnings immediately

To learn more about the sessions, click here.