Streamvault Edge is a line of connected appliances that enable the easy transition to a hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Ideally suited for multi-site operations such as banking, retail or businesses with remote or unmanned sites, Streamvault Edge enables organizations to modernize their security infrastructure while leveraging existing legacy sensor infrastructure. The Edge enables the gradual migration of security systems to a hybrid architecture without disrupting operations. The appliance is also a low-maintenance, easy-to-install edge device that makes the commissioning, deployment and management of connected remote sites simple and straightforward without the need for specialized IT expertise. A connected Linux-based appliance, Streamvault Edge has little to no impact on IT resources and can be easily installed and configured by non-specialized technicians. It offers the simplicity of the cloud for easy connectivity, configuration/deployment, scalability, maintenance and updates, regardless of where sensor data is archived. For systems integrators, Streamvault Edge offers an ideal solution to help modernize existing installations and extend the useful life of legacy equipment while future-proofing new infrastructure.

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