The Signature series of Speedlane Compact speed gates delivers more flexibility and customization options for the best value with regard to aesthetics. Designed and manufactured with premium quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Boon Edam’s Signature Series is designed to introduce security into areas where space is limited, but a high level of style and throughput are paramount. Combining high security with user comfort, this series of speed gates utilize advanced tailgating and safety detection sensors to protect against unauthorized access and alleviate pressure on security guards or personnel. This series expands on the Speedlane Compact to provide a medium security, long-lasting solution for controlling high traffic flow safely and securely. Joining the Signature Series is the Signature Speedlane Your Way solution which offers a made-to-measure speed gate solution. Architects, designers, and specifiers can fully customize the speed gates—from shape, size and finish, to access control integration, connectivity, accessories and more. 

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