Viakoo’s device certificate manager (DCM) is a part of the Viakoo action platform to help organizations extend zero trust to IoT networks. DCM can be leveraged to authenticate devices with 802.1x certificates and encrypt traffic with TLS certificates. This ensures that authorized IoT devices maintain consistent and secure network access by automatically managing the IoT certificate process. The Viakoo action platform with DCM delivers centralized, automated, full life cycle management for 802.1x and TLS certificates at virtually any scale. Viakoo DCM automation enables organizations to achieve zero trust for their IoT infrastructure at scale, while simultaneously saving time and money. The Viakoo action platform, an automated, agentless and scalable solution for enterprise IoT device remediation and repatriation, manages all firmware updates, zero-trust certificate provisioning and management, and password enforcement. It not only remediates IoT device vulnerabilities, but also enables them to securely rejoin the corporate network. 

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