AutoVu Cloudrunner is a cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system that detects, analyzes and securely stores highly accurate vehicle identification data to support public safety investigations. Cloudrunner enhances community-led policing initiatives and provides law enforcement agencies, community associations and campus security teams with a reliable way to identify vehicles connected to crimes, day and night, and in any weather condition. Coupled with hotlist notifications and live monitoring capabilities, Cloudrunner helps officers locate suspects on the move, so they can intervene immediately. Cloudrunner utilizes vehicle data collected by the Cloudrunner CR-H2, a high-performance solar-powered automated license plate recognition camera. Powered by AutoVu machine learning core the CR-H2 camera can identify vehicle color and type, as well as behavior analytics, such as speed estimation and direction of travel so that investigators can narrow their search, even when there is partial or no license plate information available. CR-H2 features onboard integrated microphones that will be utilized in the future to quickly alert public safety and law enforcement officials to a range of sounds. In addition to the CR-H2, the Cloudrunner investigation system is also compatible with existing ALPR cameras.

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