Kidde introduced three emergency detection solutions to enhance safety in and around commercial buildings. The Intelligent Optica rotary detectors and conventional detectors feature patented optical sensor technology that can differentiate between fire types to enable faster, more appropriate emergency response and reduce false alarms. The Optica technology used on this detector is first in the industry to comply with UL 268, seventh edition standard. Next, the multi-channel ModuLaser aspirating smoke detector is a scalable, aspirating smoke detection solution that provides zoned detection and is designed with user-friendly features for easier installation and maintenance. A combination of display and detector modules can be scaled to meet a wide range of applications. Detectors can be placed closer to detection zones increasing sensitivity and providing greater detection accuracy. Lastly, the outdoor series in the Genesis LED notification appliances line is designed to withstand a range of extreme weather conditions. Whether the device is exposed to high pressure water spray, rain, sleet or snow, it can maintain horn, strobe and speaker functionality. 

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