RightCrowd Presence Control’s multi-factor authentication for physical security helps organizations more effectively manage common security threats such as tailgating, credential theft and contact tracing. Through the integration of wearables, apps and a central control center, RightCrowd Presence Control makes validating authorization easy and intuitive. The wearable badge ensures a person’s authority to be in an area is immediately visible to everyone present. When combined with the companion app, RightCrowd Presence Control allows employees to flag emergencies, security incidents, or suspicious behavior, directly involving staff in the security of their organization. Using proven Bluetooth Low Energy technology, along with continuous validation and visualization, RightCrowd’s Presence Control security wearable allows everyone present to instantly “see” if people are authorized to be in the area that they are in. RightCrowd Presence Control use cases range widely to include visual identification, faster employee mustering in the case of an emergency, mobile health questionnaires and contact tracing to assist with a post-COVID return-to-work, and visitor tethering to enforce a hosting policy ideal for tour groups. The solution seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing physical access control system to maintain one single repository of users and access rights.

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